My current research interests include social networks, leadership, creativity, and moral emotions. Specifically, I am interested in understanding important organizational phenomena, such as leadership emergence, creative processes and conflict management, through a relational perspective, utilizing social network theory and analysis. 

I conduct my research by collecting survey data, using experimental methods, and performing meta-analysis. Further, I use a variety of approaches to analyze my data including structural equation modeling, social network analysis, and multilevel modeling.

Regardless of the research question or methodology, I strive to produce theoretically and empirically rigorous research that provides insights into issues of practical importance. My current research focuses on three main organizational behavior topics: 1) informal and shared leadership emergence, 2) creativity, and 3) moral emotions. Specifically, I aim to answer these questions: how does shared/informal leadership emerge and develop in organizational teams; how can we promote individual and team creativity in organizations; and what are the functions of moral emotions in relationship development and negotiation process.