I am teaching OB 360 “Organizational Behavior within Firms” at Washington University Olin Business School. Before joining Olin, I have taught “Organizational Behavior and Administration” and “Human Resource Management” at University at Buffalo and Singapore Institute of Management.

The following are some representative comments from student evaluations:

  • Ning was an amazing instructor. I loved all of the clips she showed so that we would understand the material, all of the activities we did that made us more engaged in the class, and the amount of effort she put into making sure everyone was understanding the material and participating. I definitely learned a lot in this course and had fun too!
  • I am adamant that Ning is one of the best professors I have met during my time at UB and she has a bright future ahead as an instructor if she chooses to continue along that path. She is fair and straightforward.
  • Ning is very easy to talk to and is a great teacher. Honestly, she is a better teacher as a grad student than some of the teachers I have had in the past with PhDs. She is so enthusiastic and you can tell she really cares about the students she teaches. She is very relatable and sweet.
  • Ning is really nice and always approachable. I don’t know whether if she is a genuinely nice person overall or she is also a student and that makes her really approachable. Personally, I think the former, however she is always offering help in every way possible for anything. She always reminded us that participating and sharing our ideas in her class is very important, and she makes the classroom a safe place to share our ideas. Overall, she goes beyond her teaching duties as a professor because she builds relationships with many students and became a friend. Thank you for that. Good luck with the rest of your academic career and wish you the best in whatever you pursued.
  • She was very effective. Made the class very easy to understand. Her activities kept the class engaged, very effective.
  • Ning Xu explained things clearly and was a great instructor. We as a class are very lucky to have her. She listens to us, she improved after we spoke up our advices.
  • Ning was down to earth, approachable, and presented concepts through examples well known to the majority of the class.
  • Explain courses very clear and try her best to help us. Some class activities are useful for us not only for now but also in the future. Learn from this class much.
  • She is passion at teaching, and the class is fun. Materials and exams are straightforward, and difficulty is fair enough as long as you studied.